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Important Notice:

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Parental Notification

Please follow the guidelines outlined on pages 5-7 of the Web Entry Guide for Caseload Start-Up.

We will continue to transfer Caseload Rosters from one Clinician to another. Please call us 877-686-2070 if you need to have a Caseload Roster transferred.


  1. When doing a search, only enter last name (or part of it) to get best
  2. Make sure to always look at Processed Requests and click OK or
      SVCS (to remove from list and move to Request History list).
  3. Each Clinician is responsible for adding and deleting students from
      his/her own caseload.
  4. Planned services must be changed to provided services or the dates
      deleted after the end of each month.
  5. When removing a student from the caseload, it is not necessary to
      submit a change request.